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#10 Aspects to think about when looking at Franchise Opportunities

A franchise has huge benefits for the buyer and can become a huge success when run enthusiastically and with support from the head branch. A franchise gives another person the right to use a trademark, model, business systems and to sell similar or the same services and products under the trademarked name. There are many types of franchises for sale and it is good to keep the benefits of owning a franchise in mind while deciding whether or not to buy a franchise.

At Be Visible we are selling Be Visible franchises and offering people the opportunity to be a part of the success of the Be Visible method and brand.


Here are the top 10 things to keep in mind when you consider taking advantage of franchise opportunities:

Record of success

A good franchised company such as Be Visible creates a method for success and they will have the proof to back up their success. By buying into a strong brand you are buying into a brand that has a success record that is already known by the public and will help you to attract attention.

Training Programmes

When a great company sells a franchise they want the franchise that they are selling to be a success and so they will provide you with training in their business methods to ensure that your franchise has the best possible start.

Ongoing support

Again this is part of ensuring that the franchise you have bought will be a success and by having ongoing support you can be sure that you are not alone in your new venture. Be Visible franchises will be provided with 3 computers and all staff will receive training.

Marketing Assistance

When buying a franchise marketing assistance will be provided to you or you will be provided with successful marketing tools and strategies that will help you to attract and keep customers. All Be Visible franchises will be given 3 months of marketing assistance.

No repetition of mistakes

The franchisor has already made all of the common mistakes while they were building the success model that you are now using. They will be able to pass on the wisdom they gained from the mistakes made to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes.


Remember that the franchisor has been in their particular field for a long time and thus have plenty of expertise that they will use to advise you. Be Visible has 14 years of experience behind its name and with all of that experience comes expertise.


Most franchised companies won’t have many franchises clustered in one area. They are usually placed strategically in well researched areas to ensure that the franchise you buy is the only one in your area. At Be Visible the areas selected for the placement of franchises were carefully chosen and a franchise buyer will own the only Be Visible franchise in each particular area.

Start up quickly

Because the model and systems are in place, the time it will take for your franchise to be set up will be much less than your independent business counterpart setup. Be Visible franchises are given a great and easy to use start up model.

Gain finances quickly

Should you need some financial help from the bank, when owning a franchise it is usually easier to gain finances as banks view franchises as a lower risk than other businesses.

Avoid Risk

As the company from whom you are buying a franchise has already proven that their model is successful, there is less risk involved in buying and running a franchise. When starting up an independent business there are plenty of risks involved. Franchised companies have proven track records. The Be Visible franchise branch will have a successful start-up model and a successful track record which will lower the risks for you.

With franchise opportunities selling fast, contact Be Visible for more information about the Be Visible franchises for sale.

Why you should take advantage of the Be Visible franchise opportunities

Taking Advantage of a Franchise Opportunities

The Be Visible brand name has been synonymous with successful and professional web and graphic design for the last 14 years and the Be Visible franchise opportunities will be tapping into the success model. Providing steady, professional web and graphic design services to the Mpumalanga region, Be Visible has continued to grow steadily into what it has become today: a web design powerhouse.

As a part of Be Visible’s growth, the company decided to make franchise opportunities available for purchase. With a number of franchises already sold, the Be Visible brand name is becoming well known nationwide. The model for success is proving valuable to companies that are wanting to provide their city with the best in web and graphic design. The Be Visible franchise is the best franchise to buy if you are wanting to own a business that is going to become your life long investment.

There are Be Visible franchises for sale in 7 cities with Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Durban and Port Elizabeth still for sale. With franchise opportunities selling fast, you will need to act quickly in order to buy into the successful Be Visible brand.


Buying a Be Visible franchise doesn’t mean you are just buying the brand and the model. At Be Visible we want your franchise to be a success and to work for you. A Be Visible franchise will come with the following services and products in order to give your Be Visible franchise the best start:

  • Training for all of your staff. Training for a Website Designer, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Sales Rep and Admin/Financial Person is included in the training.
  • Uniforms for all of the staff members upon purchase of the franchise is included in the business model or plan.
  • 3 desktop computers or 1 laptop and 2 desktop computers.
  • Full office outdoor signage for your franchise so that your office will grab attention.
  • 3 months of Google, social media, newspaper and street pole advertising of the new branch as part of marketing support for your branch.
  • A website that ranks on the 1st page of the Google search engine for all of your branch’s provided services.
  • Direct Leads from the head office.
  • Project management and invoicing software training for selected staff (Zoho Suite)
  • A web designer or graphic designer screened by head office.
  • A VOIP telephone system, Euphoria Telecoms, for your franchise.
  • Branded letterheads, email signatures and business cards so that you can start reaching out to clients straight away.

The Be Visible brand name and the Be Visible model has proved to be a huge success since the launch of the company and now Be Visible wants to share the model with new partners so that they can be a part of the success. There are franchise opportunities available in every province of South Africa and some of the franchises for sale have already been snapped up.

Contact Be Visible today to find out more about how you can become a Be Visible franchise owner.

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